Sunday, September 9, 2012

Visitors plus quick Tat Days update

I've had company. Some of you may know who it was - but now you all know that I had sisters Jane Eborall and Sally Kerson visiting from England.

Sally and Jane, in my kitchen!

 They are loads of fun. And really really nice, delightful house guests.

Jane is a card. They had fun with me for a few days, then we went up to Tat Days. Before we left, I did have to do a counting of my cats to make sure all three were there - the sisters threatened to kidnap Lily!

Isdihara and Anita mug for me

Palmetto Tat Days is the most fun! There were lots of folks there. One hundred and one tatters, plus spouses and vendors. It was phenomenal.

One of my student's work in progress

There was lots of tatting done. I taught 3 classes, all my own patterns.

just a few of the items...

We had a silent auction and a big live auction. The auctions all are for scholarships so that folks can attend Tat Days who might otherwise not be able to afford to, a terrific cause. For many of us, Tat Days is respite from our regular stressful lives.

Arlene, Carol, and Marsha working away in my class

There was more tatting....

Hand dyed thread from Jess! Good enough to eat.

And lots of things to buy. My bank account now has a hole in it.

This ain't all, folks

It was over all too soon. I came home with tons of purchases, plus - swag galore!

I'll update you later with all the details. Can't wait 'til Tat Days 2013!


  1. Livi and I had so much fun with you this weekend!
    Looking forward to next year!

  2. thx for sharing --- looking forward to seeing your new stash haul : )

  3. How fun it all looks! looking forward to seeing more :-)

  4. It was great to see you again. Glad you had a great time and thank you for the tip about Mary Mac's, it was delicious!

  5. I can't wait, either - but have to save up some more moolah first!

    Absolutely the BEST time was had by all!!!

  6. I've already warned Dave... I'm attending the year I retire! I so want to meet everyone in person! Four more years...

    Lucky you to have Jane and Sally as house guests! Hmmm... does one have to cross the pond to rate house guest status? ;-)

  7. Sally and I really appreciated your hospitality and it was good to meet Larry, Moe and Curly too who are such great kids. Sadly Lily wouldn't fit in either suitcase or she'd be with us now!!!

  8. You are the Queen of Swag, an awesome Tat Days roommate, first-rate hostess and all-around great friend. Can't wait to do it all again next year.

    But I must confess to be pining away for a yummy trip to Mary Mac's. So glad your guests got to go!

    Even if your wallet has a hole, you have enough STASH to mend it, eh?

  9. It was great to see so many people for real!

  10. Looks so much fun! Can't wait to see what you brought home. :)

  11. Great post! I can't believe how BUSY you were all week! VERY SPECIAL HOUSEGUESTS and then going to TAT DAYS to TEACH!!! I don't think I could have handled all that excitement! If Jane and Sally were in MY kitchen, I would have thought I was dreaming!

    I'm surprised I'm not hearing more about the live U-streatm broadcast. It was WONDERFULl, and it helped me deal with not being there, because I did feel that I got to peek in the door! And it's recorded so all can view it; but seeing it 'live' was special! I very much appreciated it. (I didn't do any 'tweeting', but I noticed that Jon did, and others I don't know.) Seeing Gina's tatting was SO emotional for me.

    And your photos are great. I can't believe how much thread Jess has dyed!

    It's fun getting reports from everyone. Look forward to more!
    Is 100 tatters a record at any tatting 'conventon'? That's so great!

  12. My husband said: So good Tat Days are in States! - about your hole in wallet and my wish to go once.

  13. It looks like you had a great time. Tuesday, September 11, 2012
    Tat Days, Episode 2 at shows a lovely bookmark she said you made. Could you tell me if and where the pattern is available for the tequila sunrise butterfly bookmark?

  14. The pattern on Ambitaterous is one I taught at Tat Days 2012 - it is available on CD via the Palmetto Tatters website