Monday, September 3, 2012

Winner, dinner, new family member

First - business. I promised a winner of my 400th blog post contest.

And the winner is...


Sharee, I don't have your email addy. Please contact me with your snail mail addy, and you'll be enjoying some old Workbaskets soon!

This is a quick post as I am not just prepping for Tat Days, I'm leaving in a few hours to pick up some guests at the airport. AND it's Larry's birthday, so we will have birthday doin's tonight. My guests will stay with me until Tat Days starts.

I just picked up a red velvet cake for Larry. He has requested the following meal: pan fried pork chops with homemade gravy (known as "the good pork chops"), homemade mashed potatoes, broccoli and sauce, and cantelope. He is 24 today. Happy Birthday Larry!

We have a new family member - a tiny kitten named Lily. Curly brought her home, and I was prepared to send back this scrawny 10 week old beastie. But she has charmed me.

She's very friendly and loves people. I think she's a cross between a lilac point Siamese and a tabby. Larry says she's weapons-class adorable.

Vader hates her with a white hot hate. He hisses and puffs up when she's near (she doesn't get within 10 feet of him).  He'll get over it. Cisco isn't wild about her, but he isn't really upset. The funny part about Vader's anger is when he was a kitten, he was hell on the other cats, made them miserable. Kitty Karma, y'know.

Before I head off to Tat Days, I thought I'd share this little lovely - a fairy ring in a neighbor's yard.

Hope to see you at Tat Days!


  1. First - a very happy birthday to Larry! Second, tell Vader that the shoe is now on the other paw! Third, tell Lily she is a very pretty kitty!

    And last but not least, can't wait to see you - and your guests - at Tat Days!!!

  2. Lily is adorable! I love her display of heterochromia! Very cool! (Yes, I am a biology geek.... que sera!)
    Tell your guests "Hello!" and "See you soon!" ;o) for me!

  3. Happy Birthday to Larry, his choice of dinner sounds delicious!

    Lily is beautiful -- we have a little girl cat that could be Lily's sister. Eva is a terror but she has such a sweet face and a meek little meow. She is a hunter, this past week it was 3 squirrels, a bird, and a bat that she brought in for us to "enjoy".

  4. Like, can always send the little baby kitty to me if it doesn't work out. Just sayin'. ;) Happy Birthday to Larry! As for the fairy rings, they're always popping up on the lawn of the nearby cemetery. Once, it looked like there were two concentric circles. Quite interesting. Have fun at Tat Days! One of these years I'll make it down there.

  5. Hey Vader - Chill!

    I know it's a grrrl and all, but she is one of my peeps - the lilac kind - so, go easy buddy.

    You can teach her all kinds of neat stuff that SHE will be a real mark for, cause Lily is a grrrl and little.

    Play it right; get Lily on your side and then you can really do some cool damage! You'll see!

    Your gonna luck out with this after all. Look ahead! Show Lily the ropes. Get her to barf and bite and tear up HER thread stuff! Teach Lily to wreck the furniture and poop outside the litter-box!

    She can really learn 'cause she is young. She will give you RESPECT that you deserve and do not get from HER.

    You and Cisco and this new one can rock and really wreck that house!
    Your Buddy

  6. My poor Vader - you must bring him a special present from Palmettos, so that he doesn't feel left out.
    Lily is sweet! - but be careful of her pink nose, we used to have to put sunscreen on our cat, to prevent skin cancers in our Queensland sun.

  7. Cisco says he DEFINITELY wants a vacay at Aunt HJ's, until Lily is bigger . . .
    Happy B'day, Larry. Almost a quarter of a century!
    See you and ALL your special guests in a few days.

  8. HA! A kitten! That's going to shake things up a little!
    Wonderful birthday dinner choices. Happy Birthday to Larry!