Monday, October 29, 2012

It's the little things

A few little things I've done lately.

I finally got around to blocking the little bit of tatting for the christening gown of my friend's grandchild.

There are 2 seven inch pieces and  one 12 inch piece.

I think she'll be pleased.

I've found a nifty item for helping with blocking - a tiny iron! It works well. As you can see, Lily likes to help me.

In my latest round of feeling down, this has cheered me. Most amusing....


  1. Lovely edgings, should make the grown look beautiful.
    Nice small iron, it is a what they call a travel iron.
    Strange how these animals have to get into everything if they get a chance.

  2. very nice tatted edging, that will compliment an heirloom christening gown.
    that is an interesting iron, i will have to look into it.
    sorry you are feeling blue, hope your outlook will be sunny soon.

  3. Your friend will definitely love these edgings! The iron will come in handy. Lily is simply elegant. What a beautiful cat!

  4. lovely edging. i'm sure your friend will be pleased.

    the iron's a nice find.

  5. I'm sure your friend will be delighted with the pretty edging. Looks a nifty iron, ideal for going into small corners of tatting!