Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lily gets bolder

I'm working on a pretty motif, Tray Mat No. 7354 from Favorite Crochet & Tatting Designs, Book No. 205. Jeff did one here.

It's done in Lizbeth Blue Ice size 20. I love the blues here - it's named quite correctly. There will be 6 of the upper repeats encircling the center portion (at the bottom here). Very lacy and girlie.

Lily has become more and more feisty, taking on the other cats. The boys out weigh her by a huge amount, but she doesn't care. She keeps tapping at them, taunting them. I think she's going to be Top Cat at our house.

Here she is with Vader, who seems really irritated by her. But if you look, it really appears that he's playing with her....

Keep calm and tat on!


  1. I think Vader still has the upper paw; you can see that Lily is backing off a bit! She has to learn Good Manners from the master.......

  2. The doily has a great start. Looking forward to seeing more of it. :)

  3. I love the video thanks for sharing it, That mat should look gorgeous in that thread. Look forward to seeing it finished.

  4. I bet that motif is going to be gorgeous when finished!!! :)

  5. Your Tray Mat is off to a great start in that lovely thread.

    As for Lily, why SHOULDN'T she be Top Cat? She certainly has lineage on her side.

  6. Great video! I'm amazed Vader tolerated Lily as much as he did! In fact, he does look like he's 'playing' with her and enjoying it! I would think Cisco would just walk away!

    Your mat looks great so far. I like that the second round can be done in one pass.

  7. Feisty! That Lily has heart!

    Excellent video - a real smile-maker.

    I daren't share the antics with you-know-who who would be absolutely horrified at seeing his hero lying there like a sodden cream puff, nearly overpowered by that little spark of fluff! So funny!

    Fox : ))

  8. Your Lily looks and acts so much like my Eva that it's spooky! Unlike Vader though, Ebenezer is NOT playing when they wrestle around. There is lots of hissing that happens, and the sound of paw meeting skull. Eva is a wee demon but she is so dang cute!

  9. Oh, yes; thanks to you and Jeff I too now possess this little pattern... (I found the publication - something finally older than ME! - slightly depressing, but this pattern is good.)

    I shall watch what you do with it. Just going white are you? No beads? doodads? Fancy thread???
    Fox ; O