Sunday, October 21, 2012

La Maison du Crazy

Bits of things happening at my home.

I'm almost through with my necklace - just need to tidy it up and add findings.

Larry is working on some more funny things. Like toys wrestling.

Or in class. (Note the bored student in blue doing a face palm.)

I've been double checking things like pronunciation. I was gratified to see that I'm entirely correct, and the folks making the new movie are wrong.

Moe turns 16 Thursday - he wants such little things. A hoodie, some cash, tunes for his mp3 player. He went camping with his Scout troop this weekend - the leaders told me how well he did in leading his group. He's working on his Eagle badges. Such a good son...

I can't stop watching this. It makes me feel so wistful, she seems so hurt.

I've lost a bit of weight and have been able to go shopping in my closet. Which is a good thing....

I saw a doctor on Friday who asked about some of my history - drinking, smoking, substance abuse, etc. I told him no no no, that I didn't even use Novocaine at the dentist. (True.) "You're a bad addict!" said the doctor. I laughed.

And Miss Lily continues to be cute.



  1. Yes, that's the correct pronunciaton - my mother was Russian! I speak a few words only, but understand it more.
    Larry is of the same mind as my youngest son; he used to string up his sister's Barbie dolls in the same way! - Terrible fights about it, but I have kept a few of the more interesting versions!

  2. OOOHHH! Great song rendition...
    Fox : )

  3. you have made a pretty necklace, what fun you will have wearing it.
    Happy birthday to Moe.

    congrats on the weight loss. always feels good to be going in the right direction.

  4. Sounds like a real family, and your son does not want much for his birthday, just enough money spent on him to make the food shopping this week look cheap.

    Lovely necklace so far,

    Hope you have a good week and he has a happy birthday

  5. Wow. That's a powerful song/singer.
    Bless Moe. Happy Birthday to such a kid who doesn't ask for much and is pleased with little. That's a rare breed of human to be cherished.

  6. Your necklace is so beautiful!! :)