Sunday, October 14, 2012

A necklace of my own

I'm working on another necklace for me.

I'm making myself a necklace identical to the one I made for my mother earlier this summer. Mom says she likes it a lot, and I am really fond of it myself. I think I deserve a lovely piece for myself, don't you think?

This little item came in the mail. I had seen a gorgeous motif Jeff had done, and I want to tat it. And I was able to score the book on Ebay. Yum. I can't wait to tat this.

BTW - I'm feeling better. I no longer look like I need a spit cup, and I'm getting the stitches taken out tomorrow. Hurrah!

Vader has been a real grump lately. He's still really angry about the fact that Lily exists in our home, but it seems he's been even more grumpy that usual, hissing and spitting at all. So I had DH check him out. It seems that Vader got bit by something on the base of his tail, and he developed an abscess there, poor kitty. DH and Larry did some medical work on the large beast, holding him down, shaving the area, and cleaning up the infection with some antibiotics. It seems to have worked, because Vader seems back to himself.

Although Vader's still mad about Lily...

Speaking of Lily, she continues to amuse all of us. She is a darling girl. She loves to snuggle up - what a love!


  1. So glad you're making that pretty necklace for yourself, and very pleased that your Mom likes hers!

    I'm amazed you tracked down that book! Those crocheted doilies are beautiful, and apparently they also include tatted patterns, such as the one Jeff did.

    Lily is just adorable, and I'm so glad you have a 'snuggly' kitty. Vader is lucky to have paramedics in the house! At least he's back to his normal, goofy (but apparently jealous) self!

  2. Poor Vader - he hasn't been in a fight, has he? I'm glad to hear that he's better, and Lily is gorgeous too.

  3. Your necklace is looking good so far,
    Interesting book well done on getting it.
    Our pets can't tell us when something is wrong but they can sure get grumpy when there is.

  4. Ah so it isn't all Lily's fault that Vader has been so bad tempted, hopefully he will be better now.
    I feel another of those necklaces coming on using some of the beads that I purchased whilst with you

  5. Poor Vader! I hope it wasn't Lily that bit him--though that would explain EVERYTHING, right?

  6. Gorgeous start to that necklace!!! :)