Saturday, November 10, 2012

What I've been up to.

My Star of David paper weight was well received. My friend was absolutely delighted with it, and couldn't believe I had made it. However, DMC Metallic is a real bitch to work with, and I work with it sparingly. It's hard to make it look good. It's a good thing this friend doesn't know about tatting & didn't see the mistakes...

I have placed an order for this item for me. I used to play a classical guitar many, many moons ago, and I sold my beloved guitar back in a time of poverty. Now it's time for me to play again. This is a Yamaha C40 that I found at Musician's Friend. Fingernails, you're going to be short on my left hand very soon.

Lily has been bad.

She is about 6 months old now and in full possession of kitten power - she thunders through the house and she annoys the cats (and sometimes the people) to no end.

But this is keeping her in line. She has stopped jumping on the kitchen table now. A squirt of water can be a powerful motivator!

I've been loving the trees around here. This is a gorgeous Japanese maple that is a brilliant red.

And this is why I will not have any Bradford Pear trees. They split. At about 10 years. Then you're left with a mess to take care of.

I ordered size 3 Lizbeth today!!! Handy Hands has it in stock. I can't wait! I'm not going to tat with it, but it will be perfect for some necklaces I plan to knit and crochet. It's about the size of sock yarn, without the stretch.

I took Moe yesterday to get his driver's permit, and today I took him driving for the first time in a large empty school parking lot. He was so happy....

Vader continues to be pissed off at Lily, but he does have more Zen moments.

Tomorrow - going to throw pots. Can't wait.


  1. I've ordered some thread from HH, too, but not size 3 - when I looked yesterday morning at dark o'clock it still offered to "notify me."

    I ordered my usual size 20 and ... stuff!

    I'm looking forward to hearing you play the guitar!

  2. I found the paperweight at HL! There is a nice amount of room to add tatting! As to metallic thread, I found that particular DMC was the only metallic thread I could tat with and equivalent to size 30. It worked out very well for the earrings I was making at the time, and I did Monica Hahn's butterfly (Christmas Angels book) with it. I had to tat with a looser tension. I think your star looks great! Vader has met his match! Nice guitar!

  3. Ahhh yes, the power of the squirt bottle! I've wielded that myself on more than one occasion. I use it for the dog too, and he's smart enough to where all I have to do now is say the words "squirt bottle" and he stops doing naughty things. :)

  4. Water training RULES!
    I can't wait to hear more about your guitar ambitions--what will you play first? Will you post a video of it?