Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tatting Heart's Desire

I got to meet Susan Fuller this September while I was teaching at Palmetto Tat Days. She came to our room after hours, so Isdihara and I got to chat with her. She's an interesting person, and I enjoyed our time together. For those who don't know, this Susan Fuller is the very Susan Fuller who designed a favorite Tatland pattern, Heart's Desire. (Yet another reason to attend tatting conferences - meet designers!)

It's been a while since I've tatted Heart's Desire. As I had some lovely HDT, I thought I'd take another run at tatting this classic pattern.

Here's my progress so far, tatted in Yarnplayer's gorgeous Roses in size 20. True confessions here - there are two mistakes that I just continued so it would be consistent.

I'm enjoying tatting this again. It's a wonderful pattern and this thread is simply scrumptious. It's a fun tat! I've needed something to divert my attention - I've been laid low with a cold and I have some medical tests coming up. Heart's Desire fits the bill.

I got another diversion in the mail this week - my own copy of Vicki Clarke's "Tatting the Stone"! I had test tatted some patterns for Vicki, who's a sweet lady and a good designer. So I'm excited to see this and I hope to have some fun with this book. Plus, she added in some of Karey Solomon's HDT and a few fun beads. Thank you, Vicki!

What are you working on?


  1. Sorry to hear you are a bit under the weather. Hope the tests come back A-OK.
    I like that thread and I have done Hearts Desire several times. Lucky you getting to meet Susan. Have fun with your new book.

  2. Gorgeous thread and one of my favourite patterns too

  3. Heart's Desire is one of my favorite patterns to tat also! I love the thread you're using. I love all of my HDTs, but Yarnplayer's hold a special place in my heart... they were the first ones I ordered and became addicted to!