Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Necklace finished

I finished my necklace made of size 3 Lizbeth.

It has a purchased pendant and lots of 6/0 glass beads. I like it! (That's a pin by Jane you see there hidden in my hair.) The necklace is crocheted with a size D hook.

I'm tatting stuff to teach in 2013 conferences, so I can't show you much! I'm hoping to teach at both Palmetto Tat Days AND at the Finger Lakes Tatting Conference. I'm working on some starry things for Finger Lakes. And I've been schooled on how to pronounce Lodi - it's not LOW-dee, it's low-DYE. Alrighty then!

Lily has been very very interested in our fish (two Oscars) and has worked hard on catching them. Today the top of the tank slipped, and she went swimming. This has not deterred her one little bit.

FYI - Lily likes to sleep ON my head in the bed. I wake up and there she is.


  1. Very nice pendant and crocheted necklace.

    Haha, Lily is indeed trying very hard. Aren't you fearful for your fish? :)

  2. Wow, Lily, you're lucky! I sure wish my mom would buy me cool toys like live fish!


  3. Oh, Lily! I bet BAIT is on her Christmas list;)

  4. I like the chain idea, turned out very nice.