Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

The 28 pound turkey fit in my oven with no problem, except for the fact it was SO DAMN HEAVY.

Fortunately, DH helped me load it in. And it cooked up beautifully and tastily. Nummy. My guests were happy with the feast, which included rice and giblet gravy. cornbread dressing, sweet potato casserole, squash souffle, green beans, broccoli in a cream sauce, spinach dip & crackers, rolls, cranberry jelly, pumpkin bread, 2 kinds of wine, and 4 kinds of pie (pumpkin, apple, cherry, and chocolate chess).

I'm too stuffed to move, and I ate dinner 7 hrs ago. Oooff.

In other news, my crocheted necklace is coming along nicely. Almost done, in fact. This is done in size 3 Lizbeth with 6/0 beads.

Larry has been working on a castle for his guys. It gives them a place to hang out. Heh.

Lily has discovered a wooden bowl and now sleeps in it.

I need to sleep soon. G'night!


  1. What a cute picture of Lily! Glad to hear you had a nice Thanksgiving. :)

  2. Being a dog-person, I have to say cats are strange things. But, if the Dutch can wear wooden shoes, I guess she can sleep in a wooden bowl!
    I hope you had some family there to help eat all that bird. Wow, I'm guessing 4 hours in the oven?
    Sleep well and have sweet dreams of many tatted sugar plums.

  3. Something missing from Larry's scenery: a 12-inches-to-the-foot CAT!!

  4. Sounds a great meal, Happy thanksgiving sorry it's a bit late. Love the cat picture, They always know the best place to sleep.


  5. WOW are you going to need some recipes for left over turkey???

  6. That sounds like a really yummy menu! I avoid cooking at all costs on the holidays. (I do cook every day, though, and am not fond of that, either!) We fortunately get invited to others' homes!

    I know this is an odd observation, but I was glad to read that you found it difficult to lift the 28-pound turkey! I thought I was a 'wimp' because I can't lift the 5-gallon gasoline containers full of gasoline. Turns out they weigh 30 pounds each! Now I don't feel like a wimp anymore!

    The bowl was MADE for Lily - at least at her present size! Your necklace is lovely!