Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Just a brief post on things I'm grateful for.

My friends, who support me and who understand my warped sense of humor.
My children. Much about them seems magical and wonderful.
My husband.
Those who have supported me through the very tough situation we are going through.
God's grace. It's given me strength and the ability to remain calm.
The fact that something told me to stash money away as hard as I could for a rainy day.
My tatting - it makes me feel good.
My home and the ability to keep it.
My tatting buddies, near and far.

Oh, and turkey! Here's the 28 pound monster Larry brought home for us to eat Thursday!


  1. That's looks a beautiful bird, hope you have a great thanksgiving day.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! Doesn't it feel GOOD to count blessings?