Thursday, May 23, 2013

Square Motif Done

I finished the Square Motif from the May 2013 edition of Tatting Times. See Fox, I finished!

Here it is, unblocked. I made a couple of errors in joining, but I just didn't want to go back and fix the error. And I cut thread for no man! This was done as a continuous tat, no breaks, using split rings and split chains. It's in Lizbeth 620 size 20. I think it's a pretty thing, and blocking will improve it.

I continue to interview and job hunt. I had a good interview 2 weeks ago, but the company is slow in making a decision. I had a phone interview for a contract position yesterday. Gotta keep looking until I find something new. Until then, I keep going to work. Because:

It's My JOB. (I love Mad Men.)

Things are relatively quiet at Chez Crazy. Moe is pleased about the pool opening on Friday, though I think he'll be amazed at how COLD the water will be.

Lily has been pretty wild.

She has been quite a bad thing lately. She talks a LOT, wanting attention, and begging to go OUT (we don't let her). If DH (her Person) does not pay sufficient attention to her, she nips at the back of his legs. "You've created a monster," I tell him. She best not dare nip at me. Up with that I will not put.

And finally, I will be teaching at the Palmetto Tat Days in September 2013. Hurrah! I hope you all can come!


  1. LOVE your Square Motif tatted in Lizbeth #620 Azalea Medium, though I was surprised you didn't use #625 Plum. (Are you out?) Azalea is brighter (more cheery) so it's all good!

    Now that you and Fox have made one, I MUST make one too. (See how easily I am enabled?)

    YAY!, congrats on being chosen to teach again.

  2. I love your square motif, lovely pattern,
    Hope you find a new job, it's hard work looking for a job these days, it's just as hard in the UK.
    I am sorry I won't be able to see teach at tat days, you see there's this big pond between us.

  3. Great job on the square! I can't see any mistakes... are you sure they're there? Wish I could join you at Tat Days... three more years!

  4. Job searches are . . .
    It took more than three months from first interview to job offer for the position I presently hold at my corporation. Hope yours does not take as long!
    Congratulations on teaching at tat days in September. Can you divulge? Or is it top secret?

  5. I hope I hope I hope you get the job you want soon.