Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I did some traveling recently, and here are some pictures from my trip.

These are great bags someone had made and was showing at Finger Lakes. Aren't they GORGEOUS?

The Finger Lakes conference is held in the Lodi NY Volunteer Fire Department hall. And here's a piece of antique fire fighting equipment, right behind the vending of Zig Zag Corner.


I went to a software conference in Denver right before Finger Lakes. Denver has a lot of public art, like this 40 ft tall blue bear sculpture looking into the Denver Conference Center. It's called "I See What You Mean". He's huge and cute!


As part of the conference, we got to go to the Denver Art Museum. It was WAY cool, lots of spectacular Native American art and Western themed tradtional art. When we got to the museum, these Native American folks were dancing and drumming. I really liked it.

Here's an example of tribal art in the museum. This carved statue was about 20 feet tall.

Here's some examples of the gorgous Native American blanket making. I have no idea what tribes did these, but they are really wonderful.


This is a contemporary Native American sculpture called Mud Woman Rolls On. It's quite large, and was created on site. There's a cool video of its creation here.

I liked Denver. It's a really hip city, very walkable, very pretty. And they have great views of the Rockies.

This charming 7 month old was on my row of the plane leaving Denver - isn't he a charmer? He was good as gold. And yes, he's watching a video, a Baby Einstein one. His headphones are lions!


Miss Lily was glad to see me when I got back.



  1. Wonderful post and great photos! Fabulous tatting at Finger Lakes, neat photos from Denver (love the bear!), amazing woven blankets and sculpture, and the adorable baby representing the 21st Century!

    So glad to see you posting again! Thanks for taking us with you on your travels! And good to see Miss Lily again! I've also missed Vader and, of course, the regal Cisco!

  2. So glad you go to go to both places - it's so good to get away every once in awhile!

  3. looks like an interesting museum. What fun to be able to go as part of the conference.
    Yeah for a Tatting get away. I hope you had a lot of fun.