Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tatting the Twirly

I'm tatting Jane's lovely Twirly pattern. Jane has the nicest patterns - so clever, and a real pleasure to tat!

This is done in Jess's HDT called Queen Anthias. I'm sorry for the color on this - it's taken by my cell phone under fluorescent lights. The thread is really a bright pink, yellow, and purple. Oh, and the top shuttle is one I blinged a long time ago.

Here's another bit with the same HDT. This is my own Dainty Heart pattern.

Here's what's happening on the home front:

Curly is getting Out Of The Pokie on Monday. I have to retrieve him early in the morning, and will be taking him to see his probation officer immediately afterwards, before I come home. And Curly says he wants to take his meds regularly, so I have an appointment for him with his psychiatrist on Wednesday. I hope Mr. Curly has changed his ways. He turned 21 yesterday, while incarcerated.

Larry has moved out! He is now living with roommates in Florida, having taken an enormous pile of crap out of my house. I hope he finds it satisfying and is happy. He tells me that he is a better cook than any of his roomies, so I feel I've accomplished something!

After Larry moved out, DH and Moe cleaned out his basement area, and lots of things were discovered. So that's where all those forks and plates were! Also discovered: a leaky water heater. Sigh. I purchased a new one last week and Moe and DH have installed it. At least I don't have t worry about that appliance...

I am seriously job hunting. No raise in 6 years with the cost of benefits going up exponentially takes a toll on me. Makes it hard to pay the bills, much less feel good about myself. Fortunately, it seems my skills have real value again. I've been doing phone interviews, and I have a face to face interview this afternoon at a company I'm excited about. This is for a full time position and the commute would be better. Cross your fingers for me!

Lily continues to be silly and to be her own bad self. But she's so cute!


  1. Indeed fingers are crossed! It always amazes me when employers don't reward their loyal employees in any way. Sure hope you can find a new situation.

    I love the dainty heart and found it on your sidebar (but the link - at least in my tablet - goes to Jane's blog). It's on my to-do list!

    I'm missing seeing Vader and Cisco!

  2. Good luck with the interview!
    Fox : )

  3. Kathy - sharp eyes! Thanks, I've fixed the link!

  4. Good luck with the job hunting. Lilly has grown so much since Sally and I met her!

  5. Bet that twirly will be awesome in those colors!! :)
    Love the heart!!! :)

  6. Wishing you the very best of luck with your interview!!!!

  7. best wishes on the interview, better commute is always a plus. That tatting looks good, so nice to see your work.
    Kids.... sigh.... some more good wishes for improved futures

  8. Love the pic of Miss Lily - she looks like she's pretending to be a bookend! Such a pretty girl...

    Tons of good luck to you on the job search!

  9. Will pray for both your job search (good for you!) and for Curly to transition well. So glad to hear that one son flew the coop successfully!

  10. Lots of luck in your job hunt!

  11. Lots of luck with your job hunt!

  12. Praying for you and your family.
    Your dainty heart is lovely.

  13. Hope you have success with the job
    Lovely heart and twirly

  14. Love Jess's thread. Best of luck with your job hunting, you certainly have the skills and should have no trouble finding another position.
    Lilly is obviously in to everything, not such a little kitten anymore.