Sunday, June 16, 2013

Inspiring Crowns

I saw Tina Frauberger's crown edging which Frivole tatted. And I was inspired.

So I tatted a bit.  Then I had another thought. What if I took one motif.....

And made earrings? These are tatted in Navy Lizbeth size 20. Nifty, n'est-ce pas? I'm going to make more...

Even though Larry is away in Florida, he still sends me funny tableau pictures of his super hero guys.

Here they are hanging out, having a brew, watching the tube.

And dancing together. A little weird, but funny.

Here is Lily hanging out next to me, in the mess on my desk. What a love she is. Purrrrr.


  1. Aha, I see faces in those crowns - I always did have a weird way of looking at things!!! They're very pretty.

  2. great idea to take just a motif to make earrings!

  3. Great idea with the ear rings. I saw that pattern but since I don't usually do edgings, I didn't try it, but I really like the individual motifs. Love your cat. Cats are the most lounging creatures I know, and so expressive. Adorable!

  4. Those are great earrings! How about a whole set - -necklace, bracelet, tiara - - ??

    Good kitty, Lily - Mattie sends her regards.

  5. Aren't they pretty? What a lovely job!

  6. I think, ma'am, that you are not so crazy. Pretty. But, Jane, the only face I could make out of all that might be ET.

  7. Lovely earrings, good idea to take one repeat of the edging pattern!

  8. Nice idea of thinking outside the box (one motif = earrings). They are beautiful.

  9. I love your earrings, great pattern for earrings.