Thursday, September 3, 2009

A milestone

Twenty one years ago this morning, I became a mom. It was a rough pregnancy, I had early labor (contractions every 2 minutes) at 29 weeks and was hospitalized and put on bed rest. I had a scheduled c-section at 39 weeks because my OB thought I wouldn't be able to deliver this guy, who was 8 lbs 13 oz. (And this was my smallest baby...)

Wasn't Larry cute? I can still remember the way his head smelled. So sweet and snuggly.

Oh, the good old days of having only one child. That all changed a few years later. What were we thinking?

Time passed....

And now Larry is 21. It seems that now, when kids turn 21, they have to go out and drink copiously. At least he's going to a restaurant and not to a strip bar. And he has a reliable designated driver, a kid who has zero interest in drinking. *sigh*

At least he does talk to me. Sometimes Larry talks to me too much. For example, in his senior year of high school, he said to me (at the grocery store, no less), "Mom, I need some condoms." WHAAAA!!! What's a mother to do? I asked Larry, "Do you have an immediate need for these condoms?" "Not now, but I might soon." Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! So I bought him condoms. At least he asked.

Last year, Larry started in a program of study to be an EMT, you know, the guys in the ambulances. He researched the course and took an intensive 8 month training program that he finished this May. He paid for every dime of it himself. Now all he needs to do is pass the state licensing exam and he'll be available for employment as an EMT-Intermediate. And there are jobs available locally, ones that would pay a young man pretty well. DH and I are very proud of him for completing the classwork. Now pass the exam!

Here's Larry ready to go and create mayhem. It's a good thing you can't read the shirt; it's kinda vile. He's grown a bit since I first laid eyes on him - he's a brawny 6'2" and a wee bit more that his birth weight. I hope he has a good time tonight. And for the rest of his life.

(I told my friend Mrs. V about Larry's birthday plans. She said, "Well, if he really wants to throw up , why doesn't he just get some ipecac and take that? It's cheap, and he can avoid tomorrow's headache that way." Larry didn't take to this idea.) (I would have bought him the ipecac, too!)


  1. I take it from this post that you live in a country where peple can't drink until they're 21.

    Here, in Australia, people are permitted to drink alcohol when they are 18. Hence they 'feel the need' to go out and drink copiously on the night of their 18th birthday. They are all so proud to be able to show their ID on the night of their birthday.

    Just goes to show that human nature is the same no matter which country we're in......

  2. Yes, here in the US there's no legal sale of alcohol to folks under 21. This wasn't always that way - I could drink at 18. But I didn't feel the need to get stinkin' drunk.

  3. Happy Birthday to him! Well when I turned 21 I had 1 beer with my dad, and never been drink in my life and I am 32 now. And as for your sons tshirt I know what it says because my husband has one LOL MEN!!
    Have a great day

  4. it! It is true they MUST grow; but, I miss my little boy grandson ~ that person before me can't possibly be that curly-headed lad.
    When I turned 21, I was showing dogs in Oregon and my friends took me to a restaurant and ordered a "grasshopper" for moi', Well, I was so green that I thought they were playing a joke on me; but no, it was a minty beverage and kind of good.
    I grew up in a Scandinavian home, so beer was like water and i had 'tastes' from an early age ~ and subsequently no interest in great amounts when i was older.
    He was a handsome baby. I had 9 pound GIRLS. LOL That was a trip.
    love, Bev

  5. Oh, yeah, vile shirt. I'd drink, too, if I had to wear that. ;) He must be a brave guy, your Larry!