Thursday, July 12, 2012

How to tat the stacked dimpled split ring

I recently got a request for information on the stacked dimpled split ring. It's how you tat the bottom of the below cross.

Heart's Afire Cross

I taught this pattern at Tat Days 2011. My students had a good time with it, and everyone completed their crosses. If you want the pattern (which has complete instructions), you can get it from the Palmetto Tatters folks.

But some folks want to learn just this one technique. And I feel charitable.
So - here are the instructions for the Stacked Dimpled Split Ring. You can't do it following normal instructions, as part of it is tatted backwards. Really...

Here goes:

For a dimpled ring  - insert paper clip in the middle of the dimple, then use that to close the first half, then close the second half. If you've never tatted a dimpled ring, check out Lady Shuttle Maker's great instructional video, here.


R1 2 - 14 vsp 3 +(vsp) 14 - 2.

When I was trying to make this work
Allow a mock picot, then stop and read the below notes.

Notes on tatting stacked dimpled split rings.

When I tat split rings, I use the "dead spider" technique for the second shuttle. So, the second shuttle tatting is done in reverse order. And the reverse order is the ONLY way to tat this and make everything lay properly.

Start with SR2.

Begin with first shuttle.  Leave some space between the prior ring - about the estimated depth of the dimple, for a mock picot.

Tat the second half of the dimple - 2nd half of ds, 1 ds.  Stop Tatting With Shuttle One.

Switch shuttles and tat the entire second shuttle portion.  Remember that I tat backwards here - so the 2nd half of a double stitch for the 2nd shuttle is really the first half of a regular ds.

Second shuttle: mock picot, 2nd half ds, 1 vsp 2 + (to left picot in ring above) 12 – 2.

You are done with the 2nd shuttle.

Slide open the space between the 2 split double stitches. Put a paper clip or safety pin here.

Switch shuttles.  You are now using the first shuttle.

With first shuttle, join to vsp made by 2nd shuttle, in front of mock picot.

Continue with 2 + (to right picot in ring above) 12 – 2.

Now take the paper clip and pull the 2nd shuttle part of the ring tight, then remove the paper clip and finish closing the ring.

(official notation)
SR2 2nd half ds 1 vsp 2 +(R above) 12 – 2/2nd half ds 1 +(vsp) 2 +(R above) 12 -2.
Mock picot about the depth of the dimple.
Repeat from *, for the desired length.

Last SR 2nd half ds 1 vsp 2 +(R above) 14/2nd half ds 1 +(vsp) 2 +(R above) 14.

Have fun!

Vader is getting to be a fat cat. And he doesn't care.


  1. What a coincidence... I was just sorting through my patterns yesterday and found the directions for this! I guess that means I should try it! ; )

  2. Thanks very much, I'll have to study it and try it.Glad to get directions, I was wondering how you did it.

  3. This is awesome. Thanks for sharing. Had a great time at PTD this year and meeting you. ♥