Wednesday, December 6, 2023

A farewell to a beloved companion

Yesterday I had to say goodbye to a companion of almost 10 years.

I had to put my Lucy down. She suddenly show signs of respiratory distress and it was found she had N stage cancer in her lungs and one lung had collapsed. I had no choice - I had to be merciful.

Lucy was such a good girl.

She was sweet and lovely, a joy to be with.

She never did anything wrong. Never tore things up, never got on the counters - ever.

She was so beautiful. I used to say Lucy was my decorator cat - she matched everything.

She could be funny. Here she is "helping" with my CPAP.

I got her the same day I got Theo. They are not siblings, but they were fostered together. Theo is sad.

She slept by my head every night.

She was my girl. And I will miss her.


  1. She was a beautiful cat. I had the pleasure of meeting her. Sad times but you made the right decision for her. No more suffering.

  2. So sorry. There will be a big gap in your life.

  3. So sorry to hear this. Making the humane decision is so difficult, but you did the right thing for her. I'm sending you a bunch of hugs.... ((((()))))

  4. I am so sorry, its a real heart tearing moment to lose ones animal, sending you love and a hug

  5. I am so sorry you have lost your so beautiful friend. Stopping the suffering was the humane thing to do, though I know it was hard.

  6. She was a beautiful cat. Reminds me of my kitty. Very nice, never causes trouble and sleeps by my side.