Thursday, September 24, 2009

I feel gleeful

I never thought I would be happy to go back to work, but I really was today. To get away from the urchins, mostly grumpy Curly. (That should be his name - Grumpy. Or Screamer. Arrgh.) The rain has stopped for a bit and I was able to make the passage over the river and through the woods.

So I went into work, went to a big meeting - and then I had to leave early to get a molar extracted by an oral surgeon. (Tooth #2 was unsalvagable and had a hooked root.) The dentist was quick and fairly painless; I was out of there in 40 minutes. And now I'm home and medicated. Curly is angry (and yelling) because I can't drive him some place, but he didn't let me know in advance about going elsewhere, so WTF? Too bad, so sad, Curly.

The oral surgeon just called me to see how I was doing. Wasn't that nice?

Last night the Stooges and I watched Glee. We all adore the show. The Stooges find it snortingly funny.

If you haven't seen this show, please acquaint yourself with it post haste. You can see all the episodes on Hulu. And you can read absolutely delightful write ups on this hilarious show on Television Without Pity.

Part of the fun of the show is Jane Lynch playing Sue the vicious cheerleading coach. OMG - she has the best lines and she delivers them straight! One of the best lines of the night is on Sue's new feature on the local TV news: "Yes. We. CANE." That's right, she advocates the use of caning. (Any of the show characters with a bit of smarts are appropriately horrified.)

I'm test tatting some thread for TatsKool of Tat's a Kool Challenge and I'll show it to you next post. But I'll leave you with this video.

Now I need to take some more drugs, man, drugs.


  1. Glad the roads there are becoming passable again! I'm anxious to hear more about the thread - I have never purchased HDT before and don't know the difference except for the beautiful colors.

    We love 'Glee' at our house too - the mere thought of cheerleaders running a Celibacy Club cracks us up. (And football players using choreographed dancing during a game is even better.) Great humor in that show!

  2. Hope the tooth gets better soon. I love "Glee", too! it's a cute show!