Friday, September 25, 2009

A test tat from an inspiration

Here's Vanilla Sky, a great new HDT done by TatsKool. She very generously sent me a skein of it to test tat. I've tatted it using Mary Konior's great Large Cross, from Tatting with Visual Patterns. This thread is size 40. Isn't it pretty? Lovely cream, pink, and purple.

And why did TatsKool send me gorgeous thread, free fer nuthin', for a test tat, you ask? Because last year, I sent her pictures from my beach vacation. We spent a week at Indian Rocks Beach, FL, and we had a blast. And this picture, taken by my little cell phone, was TatsKool's inspiration for the thread!

I'm delighted that TatsKool was so inspired. It was a wonderful place - the sunsets were awesome! Here's another sunset picture I took. I use this on my cell phone as the background.

And for an update on the soggy mess around my home - here's a newer video of the bridge near me. It'll be six months until it gets fixed.



  1. What gorgeous thread created from breathtaking vacation photos! Tatskool has a rare talent, for sure!

    Your cross looks FAB! Now I HAVE to have some of that vanilla Sky. (Such a great name.)

    Thanks so much for sharing...I'm heading over to Tatskool's page to beg her to sell me some! LOL!

  2. I can't believe you took those photos with your phone, I thought you were a professional with a posh camera! So glad you approved of the thread, hope to do a series of Skies and try some more of your photos. Thanks for your suggestions. Now I have to tweak it and then make...lots!

  3. oooh, I have about 27 yards of the Vanilla Sky, too. It came while I was at the Tucson Heart Hospital; along with another surprise that I'll put up on my blog.
    Tatskool hasn't actually processed enough of this to sell, as yet; so prospective HDT Addicts will have to wait a bit. I can hardly wait, myself, for the new Choco-Lime family. I love the Choco-raspberry; and, tatted my motif design with that ~ but still need to scan.
    Glad your feet are dry and that you are safe. Not being able to say 'no' to service is difficult. but if it weren't for the 5% who do say yes, nothing would get done! Stephen's is such a worthwhile project, my friend in El Dorado Hills, CA is heavily involved (in that and other ministries ~ she can't say no either; but, she doesn't have kids to contend with).
    X Bev

  4. TatsKool - The picture you used really was from my cell phone, as were a few more. The other picture in this post is from my point & shoot digital camera, a Canon Power Shot.

    I really TRY not to say yes when asked to volunteer, as I work FT and have a hefty commute, not to mention having the Stooges. But somebody's got to do it! I've heard it said, if you want something done, ask a busy person - it'll be sure to get done!

    And we had blue sky today!!!