Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday update

Things are getting sorta back to normal here. As normal as they can, I guess, when the roads are washed out all over the place. Today we had more rain and are in another flood watch. Last year, we were in drought conditions and couldn't water the grass at all. This week my back yard looks like a scene from A River Runs Through It.

Some good news:

  • My roof is fixed. Bob the Builder came out and climbed around the roof this morning with nails and a caulk gun. We lurve Bob the Builder.

  • I got through a big church workshop this morning for Stephen Ministry where I was the registration coordinator. (Shoot me if I volunteer again. This wasn't bad, but I end up doing too much. I volunteer for stuff. Something must be wrong with me.) Yes, I am a real Stephen Minister, got the buttons and name badge and care receiver to prove it. It's a program I highly recommend. Anyhow, today's program was a big success and it's over.

  • DH is back in town. He's been out a lot, spending most of the last month in Birmingham, AL. He's spent much of the day watching (what else?) football.

  • My MIL continues to be at her home in Florida, not a resident of MY home.

  • My mouth is recovering nicely from having the tooth pulled.

  • And, I haven't killed Curly. The thought occurred to me again today when I went into his room. There is basically no floor visible, only clothes and crap. I had given Curly orders to change the sheet on his loft bed. When I looked at his bed, I saw he had only put sheets on the end of the bed, so that it would look good from the hall. Must have been hard to do. So why the hell didn't he do it right?

This is Curly's room. The kid from Zits is tidier.

I have GOT to get finished with this cursed hanky. The wedding is two weeks from today.


  1. Thanks for the update and I officially volunteer to take some of your rain. My state could use it.

  2. Look forward to hearing that a naked Curly is forced to leave home without any clothes to wear!! Guess it's the only way he'll learn!!!
    We could do with some rain here now!!

  3. Your frustration with Curly reminds me of my eldest daughter (1956-2008). When Lori was on the "dark side" her room looked and smelled like a swamp. We tried everything to no avail. Finally, husband and I ~ as a team ~ went in. We took all the clothes that were in the closet out; threw them on the floor. Emptied all her dresser drawers on the floor. Closed the door and walked away. It was quite satisfying. She was fairly upset with us but we pointed out that every time the room looked like a swamp, we'd repeat the action. Did this work? No! She just stepped over the stuff after she cleaned her room up ONE time. In the end, we just closed the door and NEVER looked in the room again. This-is the same chld who, at four, after a well-deserved spanking; put her hands on her hips, looked me in the eye and said calmly, "Well, I hope you feel better." I know this is of no help to you, except to say that you aren't alone. And why did Lori, also, go to so much work to be sly; when doing what was required would have been easier.
    I don't know ~ that's why I call the teen years, "Going to the dark side."
    Hangeth in There. Bev