Thursday, December 10, 2009

Puppies and avoidance

The puppies are getting bigger.  The two on the left are girls, they're a bit smaller.

Our mama dog is taking good care of them.  They are mighty fat.  The white girl is very calm.

I've still making necklaces.

And I'm doing my best to avoid Christmas shopping.


  1. I WANT ONE OF THOSE PUPS they are just too cute they have stolen my heart. I LOVE THEM... Thankfully my shopping is nearly all done just a few gift cards to get and I will be done now to wrap it all ohhh and I have several gifts to make yet UGH!!
    But I want a puppy maybe hubby will drive down and get me one ;) ROFL

  2. Cute puppies! Ah yes, shopping. I've just started mine. Ug, the blizzard put be behind!

  3. Oh, I forgot to say how pretty the necklace is!! The red beads give it so much pezazz! Very classy looking.

  4. I hope you find wonderful families for those precious pups.
    Your necklaces are unbelievably beautiful!!!