Saturday, May 1, 2010

Good and Bad

First - the good news.

This week, I talked to Curly's high school counselor, a lovely person with an adult bipolar son who's off his meds.  She's very sympathetic of our situation, and we commiserate a lot.  I found out that IF Curly finishes all his night school classes (and he is on track for this), he will graduate May 29th with his high school class.


I'm not thinking too hard about this until Curly actually finishes his classes.  Night school ends before regular school - he will be done May 13.  And he has to take two end of course tests.  But I'm not worried about these tests - he's never scored below a 95 (out of 100) on any end of course test.  His first test on Monday.

I'm not sure what he will do after graduation - continue working at Target, I guess.  But I'm not sure what else.  And he is completely off his medicines, still living in the tent in the backyard.

(BTW - my MIL is coming for the graduation, as the Stooges' cousin Amy is graduating from the same school.  My MIL could not be bothered to come for Larry's graduation.  The good part here is she is NOT staying with us, so murder will not happen.  God is good.)

Right now, Curly is off to a prom in the next county.  He wanted me to foot the bill for a tux, which I wouldn't do.  We finally convinced him to wear a suit.

And he looks quite fine in his suit. He's very excited about the prom. And I hope he has fun.

I just tatted this item for my bloggy friend Julia.  Her mother in law died suddenly right after I started to make this, so I've sent this off with a nice sympathy card.  Julia is a lovely person, and very talented.  Go see her blog.

Now the bad news: DH did NOT get the damn dog spayed.  And now she's very pregnant.  Anyone want puppies in July?


  1. Quite possibly, I do not actually want a puppy. but, i am curious, What kind of puppuies will they be? What size does that grow to at maturity?

  2. Oh NO! Puppies? That's worse than kittens.