Friday, September 17, 2010

DH and the lawnmower

I stumbled out of the bed this morning and was trying to wake up when I heard a loud noise - a noise like the sound of the lawnmower. As it was 6:45 in the morning, I was confused. Then DH came into the room, and all became clear.

A bit of background - Curly is now living in the basement. Recently, we gave Curly our 11 year old minivan. The reasons for this are many, but the biggest reason is that doing so may allow Curly to move out of our house (and out of our hair) much sooner. Also, the van is probably the safest thing he could be driving, is paid for, won't drive fast, and isn't a babe or cop magnet. All good. Fly, be free, Curly.

It seems that Curly had not done all of his chores this week. Curly's plan for today were to drive the van down to his job, and then leave straight from work to drive to another town to fornicate with his girlfriend all weekend. (I wish I were making this up.) Since the chores were not done, DH took the keys to the van from Curly and hid them until the chores were finished.

Which is how my front yard got cut today before dawn.

DH can be very clever. I told Bubba about Curly's dawn mowing, and we laughed and laughed. Justice can be sweet!

And I drove off to work.

And the sun was just coming up.

Moe will be gone to a scouting event all weekend, which leaves DH and I basically alone for the weekend.  (Larry snoring in the basement doesn't count.) I started to suggest going to a movie, but thought better of it. I said we could go out to eat Saturday evening, then watch a movie at home, which would be cheaper. DH liked this idea.

DH:  We could watch Dr. Zhivago!  (DH got me this for my birthday.)
Me:  Ok, or we could rent a movie...
DH:  We could watch Dr. Zhivago!
Me:  Yeah, I guess we cou...
DH:  We could watch Dr Zhivago NAKED!
Me:  Uh, no.

Hope your weekend is sweet...


  1. Men...if they say it 3 times, you might as well go along with them -- 'cause you ain't getting that idea out of their heads even with dynamite! DH loves Dr Z also -- he watches and comments, I tat and try not to yawn...

    Enjoy your dinner & movie!

  2. Thank you for making me laugh aloud today. I love the tatting and that's why I started following your blog. Thanks!

  3. See . . .
    I told you DH had an ulterior motive when he gave you that DVD!
    Have a GREAT weekend!.

  4. Hmmm, noise pollution laws here, which forbid the use of lawnmowers or power tools before 8 am, would mean that Curly may have copped a fine for his industrious early start!
    I LOVE Dr Zhivago!

  5. What a lovely sunrise photo. I find it so soothing.

    I hope you enjoy your weekend with your husband. Time alone is rare and precious.

  6. Love how that husband of yours keeps trying!

  7. You have a new award! Go to my post to pick it up.