Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday catch-up

Ole Sol was waiting for me this morning before I got on the interstate.

Another day of 90+ F temperature. (That's 32 Celsius.) And tomorrow it's fall. When will the temperature cool down?

Recently, I did a thread exchange with Eliz of Tatknot. As you can see, she sent me some lovely thread, Manuela size 10, and Mettler quilting thread. All nicely labeled and packaged. I've never worked with Mettler before and I've got to figure out some worthy things to make with the thread. Earrings, perhaps? Should be great fun. Thank you, Eliz!

I got home and took a gander at my fig tree.I'm not sure what kind of fig tree this is (any ideas, Hegla?) but it's quite large, almost 20 feet tall. The leaves are huge - most are a foot across. If you click on the picture, you can see figs hidden in the leaves. And some are ripe!

I got under and into the tree to see if I could pick a few figs. Most of the figs are green, but there are a few getting ripe. There's one ripe fig here, the brownish thing next to the branch, behind a thick leaf stem. And a bunch of green ones further up the branch.

And here's my bounty for today. Lovely fresh figs. Many chefs would be jealous of my haul. In truth, I'm not sure how to cook with them. Anyhow got any ideas?

I'm continuing to finish the UFOs from Tat Days. Hope you are all well and not suffering from the heat...


    Your fig appears to be a brown turkey fig tree. She looks like she will give you a good harvest.
    My little Newton is also bearing like crazy, in spite of this hellish heat. The other night, The Best Husband harvested a bowlful, wrapped them in jamon serrano, and set them out at the start of dinner. Ohhhh, heaven!!!
    Don't forget to tell me what you think of the GLEE season premiere.

  2. I am SO impressed with your figs!
    As for the thread exchange? Well, I suppose it's wonderful..I marvel at having internet friends with such different interests. GO THREAD EXCHANGE!

  3. There are recipes out there to make your own homemade fig newtons.

  4. I'd NEVER cook figs. Why? Because they'd never get as far as the kitchen. I ADORE them 'as is'. Mum used to have a fig tree and I raided it every year. HATE dried figs - they're not like figs at all. YUUMMMMYYYYY

  5. David's mom used to just wash and slice them. She's serve "as is," or sprinkle with a bit of sugar if they weren't sweet enough, says David. I got a fig tree cutting once upon a time, with the intention of planting it so David could have his sliced figs from it instead of the farmer's market. I had it sitting in its little pot at the far end of the porch steps - and it lasted about 2 days. We had an elderly substitute mailman who apparently didn't see it - kicked pot and all. R. I. P. fig tree!

  6. I found a recipe on the internet for spiced figs that I've so wanted to try but fresh figs are hard to come by here in zone 4. There is one restaurant in town that serves figs in their Parisienne salad which I always order since I love it so much. Figs, walnuts, spinach greens, bleu cheese, and raspberry vinegrette.

  7. Figs and cream - yum! Just slice, add a touch of sugar if needed, pour on a dash of cream. . . bliss! Well, it would be bliss if you could eat the figs and tat at the same time. ;-)


  8. I don't believe I've ever seen a fig tree before. How cool that you grow them!

  9. My, my! Don't those figs look scrumptious!

    After poring over my cookbooks, I found an Indian recipe that I think sounds yummy! Roasted Spicy Fig Yogurt.

    The author serves them as a summer appetizer in small margharita glasses. The recipe uses very ripe figs.

    I will email you the recipe so you can determine if it suits your fancy.