Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sophie and I are sad

Sophie has a sad.

Vader is continuously beating up on her. She is a little dainty kittie, and doesn't appreciate a Bad Kitten jumping on her. (In truth, Sophie hates Vader with a white hot hate. You can see the daggers shooting from her eyes as she twitches her tail and glares at him. Really. White. Hot. Hate.)

I has a sad.

It's hard to see here, but I bent the end of my favorite size 12 crochet hook. Damn.

A wild creature has a sad.

DH captured this armadillo near our house. (DH does commercial animal and pest control.) I'd never seen an armadillo this close into Hotlanta. Poor thing.

I'm happy to report that Moe and Bubba took the armadillo out some ways away from our house, and let it go in the woods. Too far away for the critter to come back and dig in my yard!

I has a happy. I finished my first snowflake of the season. This is a variation on a Teri Dusenberry pattern named Chrysalis. Her pattern is done is two rounds - I altered the pattern so it could be made in one round. It's done in DMC Cebelia size 10, found in Hobby Lobby clearance for $1.74!

I has a bad. I laughed and laughed when I read this. Something is Shiny.

Vader has a Bad. But he's so durn cute....


  1. Sads and bads all add up to laughs, except for your bent crochet hook, that is.

  2. Seriously, we have armadillos in Atlanta? Who knew?

  3. Hoot hoot hoot!
    Road trip to NYC???
    Tell bad kitty to behave! Poor Sophie.
    PS Sorry about your hook =(

  4. MOTR, yes we really do have armadillos in the area. I'm on the west side - this was further west and somewhat south of us.

    HJ - The road trip was only as far as behind Moe's middle school. Fur enuf!

  5. Poor Sophie. Spooky-Cat can empathize - when the kids lived with us briefly, they brought their cat - Bert - who detested Spooky. Bert would jump him every chance he got. Barney, our "old man kitty," would jump Bert to protect Spooky, who was always trying to bite Barney. Three-ring circus!

    What brand of hook got bent? How did you bend it?

  6. I want an armadillo!! He is so cute he can dig in my back yard anytime!

  7. It cracks me up when cats hate kittens.
    Poor armadillo--we saw one in the zoo last Friday, but he was all tucked up in a ball. Bummer.
    The link? TOO FUNNY!

  8. Have tried training Vader with a squirt bottle? Completely harmless but gets the job done! My very persistent smart Enzi was trained with a squirt bottle and all I have to do shake it in her general direction when she is being bad and she stops.

  9. ...adds Armadillo to my list of things that I need to see yet in Georgia. Wow!

    I have seen... (new to me and in natural environment) since moving from Washington are the Turkey Vultures, a Muskrat, a Bear running down from a mountain and across the highway in front of me. I am totally fascinated with the vultures! OOOH! not new to me but it have been long long time before.. Fireflies!

  10. OMG, I had no idea armadillos had got as far north as Atlanta! Wow. They is some weird critters, they is.