Tuesday, May 8, 2012


First off - I'm going to be teaching again at Tat Days!!! I'm so pleased to be doing this again. If you've never been to Tat Days before, you should seriously look at coming. Really. It's the most fun! Did you ever go to summer camp? Did you have a good time? This is summer camp for tatters!

I've finished tatting a bracelet for my niece. It's the same pattern I showed you earlier, but with the change of beads it looks totally different. I like it! I'll make matching earring.

As you might have realized, we have Critters at our house, and not all are the ordinary, domestic variety. The other day our friend Bubba brought us this box turtle. He was afraid it would be killed where he found it. Here it is in Larry's hand.

Isn't this the cutest little critter ever? We're taking care of it for a while to help the little guy get bigger. (DH used to be a registered Wildlife Rehabilitator, and he knows about such things.) Then we'll let this fella loose out in the woods. Box turtles can live a long, long time.

We have more beauty blooming in the area. The Southern part of the US is known for magnolia trees, and we have bunches around here.

There are two sets of magnolias flanking the front of my subdivision. These are about 25 feet tall. Magnolias have large glossy evergreen leaves and big white blossoms.

Not a professional photo - I took this. Really.

Here's a blossom up close. The blossoms are really big, can be plate sized when fully open. This one is about 8 inches across. And see how pretty the leaves are? You can see why these are used in decorations all year round.

Here's a neighbor's clematis on their mailbox. I should get some of this - I like clematis.

Tonight we are taking Curly out for dinner. It's his 20th birthday!

What's happening in your part of the world?



  1. Happy Birthday Curly!

    I'm still hoping that I can see you down there! But, I love the bracelet!

    Cute turtle! Are they legal to have as pets in Georgia? They are illegal here. You can't even buy turtle food at the pet shops. I think you can in Mississippi though, which is only like 30 minutes from here.

  2. Oh, those beads are lovely and so is the bracelet. I've seen box turtles when we've been in the USA crossing country roads!!!

  3. Happy birthday to Curly.

    Love the bracelet.
    Can't wait till Tat Days.

  4. I LOVE that little turtle. He is so precious!

  5. We always have to wait awhile here in PA before seeing the next 'batch' of flowering shrubs or trees. You seem to have flowering trees, bushes and plants all the time! Of course, I realize your weather is 'milder' in the winter/spring.

    Very cute turtle. He is lucky! I'm assuming Vader doesn't know he's around!

    I'm pleased that things seem to be less stressful for you these days (and Happy Birthday to Curley!). But I know you're quite busy, so I'm always amazed you find the time to tat, and that you have the energy to make plans to be a teacher at Tat Days. I find just demonstrating is all I can handle.

    This bracelet is beautiful! I always wonder where everyone gets square beads!

  6. If only Tat Days were really in the summer!!! I'd go in a heartbeat but in the first few weeks of school- sadly no can go.

  7. So when are you going to TAT the turtle's portrait???

    Happy B-day to Curly!

    The bracelet is fab, can't wait to see the earrings to go with it!

  8. congrats on the teaching position. Happy Birthday Curly.
    and I like your bracelet

  9. happy Birthday, Curly! May every subsequent year be better than the one before.

  10. Way to save the turtle!
    Happy Birthday to Curly!
    Congrats on the teaching gig. I'm jealous of your magnolia trees--they are so gorgeous.