Saturday, May 19, 2012

Unhappiness at Chez Crazy

Sometimes I wish I had a different life. One where I could catch a bit of a break. For at Chez Crazy, just when things seem to calm down, life smacks you around.

Case in point.

Larry, who oh so recently badly dislocated his left knee, has now rolled his right foot and broken a bone in it. To be precise, he fractured the 5th metatarsal, which is the outside long bone on his foot, the weight-bearing bone. His bad knee buckled when his right foot was on uneven paving, and his heard an audible snap when his foot rolled. and now it's in a cast. For weeks.

So - he's hardly able to get around, even with crutches. And our house is multi-story, with his bedroom in the basement. Larry's having a terrible time just getting up off the couch (I have to help him), so Thursday night I insisted that he move to our guest bedroom upstairs. It's across the hall from the bathroom, the bed is high and easier to get out of, and he can sit with his foot propped up in my office and watch TV or play on his laptop. I left him yesterday morning well supplied with food and drinks, so he was be ok.

But when I got home, he was STILL in the damn bed, wallowing in his misery, playing with his computer. He'd only gotten up to use the bathroom across the hall. And now he's talking about dropping out of his paramedic training. For the second time.

Son, that ain't happening.


A bit of venting - DH has been virtually no help during any of this. He does not handle medical issues or stress well. It's all on me.

And now my mother is yelling at me to take better care of myself. That's nice, Mom - no time!

In other news, I am tatting. (To keep sane.) This is for a neighbor and church friend whose husband died. It's my favorite Mary Konior cross, in Lizbeth of course.

Mom's cat, Honey
I had a nice time last weekend in Charleston. I stayed with my sister and helped with the college graduation prep for my niece. (She liked the bracelet!) Mom brought her kitty and we all helped with a big party my sister had for the graduates.

The view at the back of my sister's home on James Island

The weather was splendid. My niece graduated with many honors and awards. She is going to do Teach For America someplace in the Mississippi Delta region, teaching high school English. You go, girl!

At home, the tiny turtle is thriving, eating lots of meal worms, snails, carrots, and green things.So cute!

Now I have to get a crow bar and roust Larry out of the bed. Pray for me.



  1. Will pray! That Mary Konior pattern is my favorite cross pattern as well :-)

  2. Oh dear - it never rains but what it pours. Things can only look up for Larry from now on - particularly with his mom's foot up his rear!!! I've never known a man who could cope in these situations - ostrich and sand spring to mind!

  3. your cross is pretty and heartfelt. I pray that Larry will soon get his drive back. it can be hard to always hit road blocks. any way a classmate can give him a hand with his paramedic class work? might keep him on point.
    Sorry dh is no help. been there, done that, and still do.
    congrats to your niece.

    hope you can find a bit of peace.

  4. That cross is fabulous in those colors!! :)

  5. You're having a rough trot,aren't you? - and so is Larry. Next time you go out, leave the food and drinks in your study - where he can get to them without going downstairs, but it will be incentive to get out of bed!
    Your mother's tabby cat is very pretty, but not a patch on my Vader!

  6. Sorry the easy times didn't last a bit longer. It's difficult to keep motivated when you're in pain and everything is difficult, so I hope Larry manages it.

  7. Sending powerful prayers your way, super fizzy-lifting ones to help your son get out of bed!

    Your cross is coming along brilliantly.

  8. I hope by the time you read this that Larry is making a slight improvement and is trying to help himself a little.
    Take it easy, great words but not always possible especially with a family to look after.

  9. Ooh. Poor Larry. That totally stinks. Just when he was really on his feet, too.