Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Other doin's

A bit of tatting has been accomplished.

My old favorite, Mary Konior's Large Cross from Tatting with Visual Patterns, done in Lizbeth 142 (turquoise twist) size 20. My cell phone camera does not do justice to the vibrancy of the colors. I'll block or press it tonight. This is for a church friend, a recent widow.

BTW, if you are considering going to Palmetto Tat Days this year, this may convince you. Take a look at the pictures of patterns here! Some are mine, as I'll be teaching. One of mine is at the top of the list! (I love Dinky the Cat - too cute!)

Larry is doing a bit better, mostly since his demon mother pried him out of bed. I'm taking him back to the orthopedist tomorrow. He's pitiful. 

Things are growing in my yard.

Container grown tomatoes. Larry, Moe and I don't like these raw, only cooked. DH adores tomatoes any way he can get them.

Look carefully - those are plums on our tree!

And things are blooming.

Butterfly bushes, planted in front of our dining room windows. That way they become entertainment for the cats. Vader loves butterflies.

The occasional rose is blooming at the base of the plum tree. We have salmon colored ones elsewhere.

Some pretty fleurs Mother brought me last year, sitting on my front steps. They survived the mild winter.

Hosta thrives by my mailbox. Hmm, the Stooges need to edge the curb and sidewalk here.

Hope things look good where you are....



  1. Such pretty flowers! I always enjoy seeing everyone's blooms!!! I also love that cross pattern, probably tat that pattern more than anything else. Glad your son is doing a bit better, still in my prayers!

  2. Dink< the cat is realy cute, saw him today in the pic listing. They will all love him!

  3. Love the flowers! I can't grow 'em, I can just tat 'em >sigh<

    Have to agree with your DH on the tomatoes - love me some 'maters any way I can get 'em, too!

  4. The cross is beautiful and the cat is cute! :)

  5. Love the cat! Where did you find those awesome cat-eyes? Hope you bring plenty to Palmetto! I'm going to have a tough time choosing my classes. You can send some of those tomatoes!

  6. True confessions here - Dinky the Cat isn't my pattern, it's Erin Holloway's. But I wish I'd thought of it - Dinky is mighty cute!

  7. Holy dang your tomatoes are huge! (That sounds kind of dirty now that I read it typed out...)
    Plums! I've never actually seen a plum growing in a tree.