Thursday, May 24, 2012

Larry's Lousy Luck

Friends tell me I should write a book, 'cause stuff just happens at our house.

You remember Larry, my oldest Stooge. About six weeks ago, he screwed up his left knee at work, dislocating his kneecap. Last week he broke his right foot. The left knee is still in bad shape and pretty sore now since he's having to use it as his good leg.

It ain't over for Larry, poor guy.

His right leg has been hurting a good deal after he broke his foot. His leg - his foot hurts, but not so bad as the leg. And yesterday we found out why.

Poor Larry has acquired three clots in his lower right leg, probably as a direct result of the broken metatarsal. A clot like this is a deep vein thrombosis, or DVT. This is BAD. And it hurts - and can be deadly without treatment. A clot like this can move to your heart or your brain.

Larry and I spent the day going from one doctor's office to another. We got the diagnosis about 1:30 pm after spending all morning at the orthopedist then the vascular MD. We were finally sent to the ER, thinking that Larry would be admitted for 2 days. Fortunately, this was not the case. Our very nice ER doctor (he was cute too!) got Larry some injectable blood thinners and Coumadin and sent him home. Larry's to take the blood thinners until his Coumadin levels get to the right point, then take the Coumadin for at least six months.

He should be OK after this. Thank heavens.

He's been through a lot, has our Larry. He's a good kid, not accident prone, generally cautious and responsible. (I practically lived at the ER with Curly.) So this has really thrown him for a loop, and he's been pretty down. The ER doc told him he can go back to school as soon as the Coumadin levels are right, which should be Tuesday. The thought of going back to his paramedic classes on Wednesday cheered him up a good deal.

Whew. I could use a break from the crap. Maybe I should write a book.

And while we were out and about, I tatted a bit. This bit is done in the new thread I got from Tat-ilicious, her Pink Sunset or Queen Anthias. The colors are much more vibrant than show here. A cell phone and green fluorescent lighting tend to mess with colors.

Please God, no more issues for a while, m'kay?



  1. If not for bad luck you'd have no luck at all. Thank goodness they found the clot.

  2. Looks like you both have had quite a way to go. Glad you found "Larry" 's problem so it could be fixed.

    Lovely tatting. The colors are pretty even with the lighting. :D

  3. Thank God you found it and got it treated right away. How dreadful.

  4. AWW you need a hug, I'll make sure you get one at Tat Day's. I still owe you for educating me about the Varsity!

  5. Pretty thread! Praises that the diagnosis was found and the remedy is not so difficult as originally expected! Will continue to pray!

  6. best wishes for a calm and restful memorial day holiday.
    sorry to hear that Larry has had more unfun, but glad to read he can go back to school. I'll bet that cheered him and you up.
    pretty tatting.