Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tatting and some sad news

I've been tatting.

This is Birgit's Romantic Heart, done in HDT by Tat-ilicious in size 20. The color (it's Pink Sunset Queen Anthias) is prettier than shown here, and the heart wants blocking, but it's cute. Since I made a minor mistake that I just wasn't willing to retro tat enough to fix, I made the mistake symmetrical.

I have some sad news to report. My lovely little white cat, Sophie, is missing and probably gone for good. She went missing in the confusion right after Larry broke his foot and hasn't been seen since. Someone let her out during the day, not an unusual occurrence. And she never returned.

I fear the worst, as we have coyotes out here that are very bold, even in the daylight. Sophie was a tiny cat, about 6 lbs and inches shorter at the shoulder than my other kitties.

Sophie always liked a box. She was a good kitty who loved me a lot. I miss her.

In other news, Larry is home recovering. He's going to his internist today to get his Coumadin levels checked, so hopefully he'll be at school tomorrow. He still hurts a good deal, but he's getting better.

I spent Saturday sewing patches on Moe's extra Scout uniform, plus lots of running around. Sunday I drove Moe way out in the country to NYLT camp where, when they opened the gates for registration, he was the very first kid (out of some 100 or so) to get to the registration area. Moe LOVES Scouts. He'll be back Friday night.

And we have plums...


  1. I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful kitty...always so enjoyed your photos of her, she seemed so sweet! The heart is pretty...I really like the pattern and the thread :-)

  2. The heart turned out beautiful. I'm delighted to see the pattern being used. I hope your kitty finds its way back!

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  4. Sorry to hear that Sophie hasn't turned up. Glad the leg is getting better, though.
    Beautiful heart and thread - yummy, yummy.

  5. Hopefully Miss Kitty will return from an adventure soon.

  6. That heart is absolutely gorgeous!!! :)

  7. very pretty tatting. you used a good colorway for it.
    glad that Larry is feeling better and healing.
    and so sorry for your cat. never good to lose a loved one, was Vadar up to his tricks?

  8. The colourway of that heart is so so pretty.
    Beautiful cat, so sorry she has gone missing.
    Good news though about Larry and also Moe enjoying Scouts (I have to say that as I am a uniformed member of the organisation)

  9. Cats always know exactly what they are doing - she may surprise you yet and come back.
    One of my sons loved Scouts too - he was a Sea Scout when we lived near the harbour in Sydney.

  10. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Sophie comes wandering back...I can see why you'd miss her, she looks like such a sweetie!

  11. I am so sorry to hear of Sophie's missing. I hope for a miracle.

  12. Poor Sophie! I hope she turns up. May be some little girl scooped her up and took her home?

    I love the heart! I've been meaning to tat that heart since you suggested it on my blog. Maybe that will be next undertaking. :o)

  13. Oh no.

    One can always hope.

    Someone let my dog out once. We thought he was gone for good too. But 6 months later he was at our door - all fat too - we figured someone took him in for a while and he 'escaped' and came home.

    One can always hope...

  14. Sorry to hear about your Sophie.

  15. Oh, I hope your cat comes home. I always felt sick when Violet would disappear for more than a day.
    Those plums!