Saturday, November 9, 2013

Last days at old job and a new bag

Elvis has left the building. I am now free of my old gig. And Monday I start my new one. Hurrah!

I have to say - I went out on a high note. I gave appropriate notice before leaving (that's two weeks here in the States) and I did excellent turnover of my responsibilities. I spent a lot of time documenting what I did and then I trained people on my old duties. And I think there was some appreciation of what I had been doing.

For example, while going over one large section of my work, my immediate supervisor's eyes started to bulge and then glaze over while he began to comprehend what I was doing. In the past, the guy (who's really very nice) had done basically nothing to supervise me. The sum total of his supervision was to ask me for a report that I gave monthly to my user community, and to ask me to write my own performance evaluation. Really. So he was a little taken aback once he was forced to pay more attention. Heh.

But in the end I turned over everything and no more questions came.

And then there was cake.

My director threw a little party for me, inviting all of the department for cake and ice cream. (The cake was roughly the size of an air craft carrier deck. The leftovers stayed at work.) Some very nice things were said, and I was especially surprised when I received a lovely card signed by the group. And there was money inside, a group gift!! Woo-hoo!! How nice!

And then there were balloons.

Balloons from Accounting

The next day - my last day - my group took me out to eat. They also invited a number of my client base, who came bearing balloons and gifts and cards. And questions like "Who's going to help us now?" When I told them, their faces fell. Oh Dear.

But everyone was super nice and hugged me and congratulated me. And I went on. Time for the new job!

I do feel very good about the way my old job ended up. Sometimes people can't wait to push you out the door. But not this time. What a lovely thing...

And after I ended up at my old job, I found a cool new toy.

For those of you who have a Aldi near you, they have this great rolling bag now for $15. It's nylon and has outside pockets and a top that zips and a long collapsible handle. It would be great as a tatting bag (especially at conferences) or a bag for travel. It's the right size for using as carry on for airline travel too. It comes in several colors - go get one now! I'm going to decorate mine with tatting.

Next week - new job! Hurrah!


  1. Many many congratulations. So funny to see you're known as 'Crazy Mom' at work too. Love the balloons. We've got an Aldi a mile or so away from us - I'll be walking up there tomorrow morning to see if the UK Aldi stock those too. Good luck (not that you need it) in the new job. We'll all be waiting to see how it goes. Hope Moe, Curly and Larry are behaving themselves.

    1. True confessions on the cake, Jane - I altered the picture and erased my real name!
      Thanks a ton!

    2. That's even funnier - and clever too!!!!

  2. Ah right you altered the cake! Still never mind a fabulous send off and a good job done, the best feeling when you can then go to your next job well and truly satisfied that you have left the old one in such a good state. Yep we have also got an ALDI near us. All the best for the new job.

  3. That kind of send off sure tells me how much you were loved. Good luck at your new job and KUDOS to you for doing your old one so very well.

  4. I hope that the folks also gave you some good feed back along the way. They certainly gave you a wonderful send off. I hope you have a good, warm feeling that stays with you through the new, uh-oh stage at the new job!

    But, either way, I know you will do well and be liked.


  5. Good days coming for you. Have a great time at the new job. Congrats on leaving the old job on a good note.

  6. Congratulations, I hope your new job goes well, good luck for Monday

  7. Glad to hear you found a job you'll like! If you go to London Maybe you can get to see Jane !?!! wouldn't that be fun?!!