Friday, June 5, 2015

What's that Crazy Mom been up to?

I'll bet you thought I just gave up the ghost. No, I've been busy.

I've been VERY busy at work. Lots of things to do, but I like it a lot. We are moving to a different floor in the building - below is my view from my office. Note that I said office - I won't be in a cube - hurrah!

I've been dating a bit. On and off. Mostly off. Mostly guys I'm not interested in - and then there was that guy who as soon as he met me, he kissed me stuck his freakin' tongue down my freakin' throat. EWWWWW!!! No second date with that one. Yuck.

I've been dealing with the Stooges.

Larry has had some very serious health issues that required 2 hospitalizations - and he has no health insurance. I flew down to FL to be with him during the first - and scariest - of the hospital visits. And now he has no job, so we moved him back up to Hotlanta to live with his brothers. He's going to be ok, needs to get a job and concentrate on getting better.

Moe has graduated from high school!  DH The Ex and I saw him do it and were very happy to have the youngest done. As to what he will do now - I have no idea. He has not applied to a single college. SOOOO frustrating. Get a job Moe! Go to college!

Curly - remember my frustrations with Curly? Cross your fingers, the worst of that seems over! Curly is working selling mobile phones and plans for a big company, does a great job for them, they want him to be store manager soon. He's taking his meds! He's got a girlfriend with personality and ambition! He seems grateful for things I've done for him! He calls me up and tells me he loves me!

All the Stooges are now out of my house. They have moved in with DH The Ex, who lives nearby in a nice brick ranch with a big yard. DH The Ex volunteered to do have them all. We are on good terms - of course, he wants me back big time. That ain't happening.

I've tatted a little tiny bit. Here's something I made for one of the guys I've been going out with.

And I'm teaching again at Tat Days - I'm doing 2 of Nina's gorgeous patterns.

I've had my own share of health issues - no worries, I'm fine! But I had a stay in the hospital too, had cellulitis. I had my laptop with me and worked the entire time, 'cause that's what I do. (And why my company loves me...) And I had this lovely view:

This is not abstract art - it was a lovely view of the hospital roof

I'm better. Really I am. I was annoyed to have to be there.

However - one of the biggest things that I've been doing is finding new housing - for me, not the Stooges, just me and the cats. And I've found a place.

A condo just for ME!!!!

In this complex.Yes, this is the view from the 2nd bedroom.

With this view at night from my balcony.

This is the daytime view from a different angle - you can see the Hotlanta skyscrapers.

The condo is in a part of Hotlanta that's its own little city, considered one of the top 10 most walkable urban areas in the country. More than 40 restaurants within walking distance. Seven miles to my office. A block to the subway. It's safe. It's artsy. It's hip. It's not in the cultural desert that I've been living in. And no real maintenance. I'll close on it very soon - and I'll have it totally paid off by the time I retire. Woo-hoo!!!!

Oh - and I'm heading to London Monday on business - I have to hire a new staff member in that office. Across the pond I go!

And that Saturday - I'll see Jane!!


  1. Good to see you back blogging although we're in constant touch it's nice to have you here too.

  2. Wow you have a lot going on, so pleased you have a new home and somewhere you want to be.
    Lovely bookmark.
    I hope you enjoy your stay here in the UK, have a safe flight back and forth.

  3. Thanks for the up-date. I hope you'll be very happy in your new home!!

  4. It IS good to hear from you again. I had no idea you were such a workaholic. My goodness! Hoping all the boys in your life live well, work and behave.
    It will be so good to see you at Tat Days. Would you believe I am teaching also? They kindly accepted my pattern for inverted tatting. I think sign-up is supposed to start today.
    Thanks for posting. <3

  5. Nice to see you back. Love the condo wish I lived there, very airy. We don't need men in our live's women can do all sort's if we put our mind's to it. Glad the boy's are sort of sorted . When settled I'm shore you will tat more.

  6. Nice to hear things are settling down and going your way. Condo seems looks lovely. The area described fantastic. Look forward to seeing you at Tat Days. Have a great trip.

  7. Lovely update! You have wonderful news, new digs, and views. So glad to read all of this--except for the tongue business. Major YUCK.

  8. Sounds like you need tatting to recover from the 'craziness'!! LOL Now what's all this about cats?? I don't remember seeing any pics of cats recently!! We NEED pics and details!! VBG

  9. So Glad to here you are doing good. Praying that all continues to go in the forward direction.
    if there a pattern for the bookmarker?? i love it i can see it tatted up in white with a black tassel, turned so the tassel is on top and you have a Snowman!! hehehe
    hugs and good thought going out to you!