Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Moving time!

I am prepping to move into my new-to-me condo on  Thursday of this week. I'm a touch busy.

The carpet was laid in the bedrooms last Monday. I got the thickest pad I could, so the footing there feels lovely and squishy.

This is but a nightmare of a memory now

The electrician came last Wednesday to install many light fixtures and remove a) that aesthetic horror of a fan in my bedroom (see above) and b) lots of my money.

See how nice my kitchen looks now? I added pendants and under cabinet lighting, plus I replaced DREADFUL track lighting with something more discrete.

At home, I'm packing things and deciding what I can truly live without until after the move, like hair curlers and spices. And drinking glasses. Also what is all this shit in my freezer? Who knows?

So I'm trying NOT to buy anything that I absolutely can't live without, mostly food. Cat food is an essential item - the cats do not like to wait. Lucy meows at me piteously in the morning like she is STARVING and then I go down and find her bowl is half full and I'm without real sympathy. Bitch that I am.

Lucy - I do not feel sorry for her

There really are some weird things in my refrigerator/freezer. Why did I buy that prosciutto and cheese log? And all these eggs? Why do I have 4 different kinds of mustard? And frozen fried cheese ravioli - why? Goat cheese with cranberries on it?

There seems to be a cheese theme here.

I also have lots of frozen veggies with cheese sauce. Cheese and broccoli - yum. But I also have like 4 individual 1 lb. packages of frozen ground beef, uncooked. What the hell? And packages of Hot Pockets. I've never eaten Hot Pockets in my life. These must be Moe's - they need to go to his house.

I think hoarding all this stuff goes back to the days of having All The Stooges in the house, as They Ate Everything. So I had to Be Prepared. Even now they show up at my house and stand in front of the open refrigerator, noshing on whatever is there.

St Paul's Cathedral from One Change Place

Oh, I forgot to show pictures from my recent visit across the pond! I was in London on business, and made a side trip to visit an Old Git!

Recognize anyone? Recognize the decoration on her blouse? (This is in her own garden.)

Jane was kind enough to take me to Anne Hathaway's cottage, which is SO beautiful. No, not the actress - Shakespeare's wife.

The cottage is quite lovely, especially the gardens. Really grand to be there. I got in a nice visit with Nick as well, and Tilly allowed me to pet her. I felt honored.

But now I must get back to The Horror of Packing. And someday, perhaps even this month, I will tat again....


  1. You shouldn't forget to tat Miss.... It's what keeps us as sane as only some OG's can be!! LOL

    Good luck with the Move!!

  2. Good luck with the move - make sure my bed is made up for me!!! Won't need it til next year and that's IF I make it over the pond but I like forward planning!!!

  3. Actually - I rather like that fan..........

  4. Packing is a horror! I've been in expunge and reorganize mode, though at a slow pace. If I ever move out of this house, it will take me months to prepare, and if I die in this house, my daughters will have one heck of a mess to clean up! Good luck with the move. I'm sure tatting time will be extra special once you're finished.

  5. I have strange things lurking in my freezer too. Good luck with the move, I hope it goes smoothly!

  6. The new condo looks luscious!
    I had to smile, maybe the new name can be "Chez Zzzz" since life has gotten much simpler. ;-)

  7. Anne Hathaway's garden is one o fmy favorite spots in England!
    Cool new digs--and I am SO glad the fan went because I was afraid you were happy about it at first glance and I shuddered.