Tuesday, January 16, 2024

A new member of my household

After the loss of my beloved Lucy, I waited a bit before making any changes. But Theo missed having a companion and was very needy. So I found him a little friend.

Isn't she cute?

Meet Celia. I found her on Pet Finder, a great place for finding a nice animal in need of a good home. She has very blue eyes and is a Siamese mix. She is TINY!

Her hair is longish and is filling out

The folks at the shelter claim she is about 18 months, but I think she's well under a year. She came to the shelter with a LARGE nursing kitten - I think she got pregnant in her first heat and is about 8-9 months. 

See the cute little belly!

She's very kittenish and jumps a lot on things, like my feet! And she flops over whenever you pet her, showing her belly.


Theo hissed at first, but now they are friends! They touch noses and she head butts him in the chest (he's SO much bigger than she is!) and he will lick her. 

Celia enjoying the view

I'm glad she's here!


  1. She’s gorgeous. I’m looking forward to meeting her.

  2. Wonderful for Theo to have a new friend and Celia to have a new home!